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The Facts

Emojis make up 75% of mobile communication and the numbers are steadily climbing. Companies from Domino's Pizza all the way to Ford Motor Company are all attempting to find ways to tie in their respective brands with this this cultural revolution. While there have been attempts at encompassing all different types of people by adding in "skin tone", the issue of cultural representation is one that has yet to be addressed...until now. WeMojis provides a simple solution to the market. Here's how.

African Man and Woman

The Issue

The problem is that while Emojis are a widely used language....it is very difficult to directly market to users because of the lack of cultural representation within the current Emoji set. Pushing Emoji marketing mainstream without speaking to millennial popular culture is like a Spanish teacher reading Romeo and Juliet without translating the wording. Demographics and subcultures apply to emoji marketing the exact same way they do in every other type of marketing effort. The question is how do we tie WeMojis in with direct marketing?

mexican couple
The Solution

WeMojis solves the cultural aspect of emojis by allowing individuals to express themselves in an even wider array. Not just skin tone but natural hair. Not just a plain shirt emoji or a shoe emoji, but a Jersey WeMoji or a popular sneaker that is flying off the shelves. Opening the doors to communication not only allows for users to express themselves much more accurately, but it also gives companies the power to tap into that need by having the opportunity to collect the data and even WeMoji brand themselves!